Winter Plenty that won’t Leave you Stuck in the Mud

Posted on November 25, 2012 by the farm crew

On Monday, the conclusion of rolling up the irrigation system that had been in place all summer included our farm truck stuck in the mud. Yards of T-tape had been shoved a fuerzas into the back of the white truck. The main hose lines were rolled up neatly, labeled, and placed in the back corner of the pig pen, their home until next summer. The temporary slow in the rain gave space to close up the truck with the intention to head off to the recycling center. After doing our best to push the truck out of the muddy puddles surrounding its back tires, ‘four by four’ supposedly engaged, we agreed to the friendly help of one of our subscribers, who came at just the right time! We were thankful for his offer of a rope and his van’s strength to give the final lurch our truck needed out of the mud.

It’s amazing how quickly that as things wind down, we begin planning again for next year. The earth plans as well–the garlic we planted just a few weeks ago has already sprung up. It’s a year-long journey, one that includes rest, but not until the last jobs are finished and the last carrots are up from the ground!

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And here’s what is in the box this week!

Chiogga beets

Purple and white carrots

Yellow and purple potatoes

Champagne colored onions

Head of garlic

Bunch of parsley

Acorn squash

Green-leaf kale

Karmin apples

Brussels sprouts