Our Team

Larry Rogers – Garden Director

LarryI studied cultural anthropology in North Carolina, where I’m from. More notably, during my summer breaks away from academia—sitting, writing, and reading—I developed a love for working with the land alongside more mature agrarians. I sincerely believe Christians are called to steward each other and creation well—as the land stewards us, and is the only reason we can steward each other.





Ian Capron – Garden Apprentice

IanSup ya’ll my name is Ian I will be working in the garden this summer as an intern. I study nursing in Boise, Idaho. I am excited to be able to kick it this summer and learn all about the way a farm runs while also being able to connect with the community at Tierra Nueva. Community is such an attractive lifestyle in my opinion because it allows people to come learn about life through a different perspective which keeps things interesting and fresh.